Japan - Spirited Away September / October 2019

Japan - Spirited Away September / October 2019.

This tour takes us to the soul of Japan with a focus on the mystical, spiritual places and traditions of this extraordinary land. We will walk ancient Buddhist pilgrimage trails, wander exquisite centuries-old gardens, visit sacred shrines and mountain-top monasteries, undertake a Zen meditation session and see the genius of some modern-day architects and designers who keep the traditions alive. This tour includes some of Japan’s most famous sites and some of it least known. It is Japan at its tranquil, deeply traditional and breathtakingly beautiful best.

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  • 27 September to 12 October 2019
  • 16 days

  • Japan's extraordinary natural and spiritual beauty

  • $ AUD 8630.00 per person on twin share basis land only

  • Single supplement: $ AUD 1445.00 per person land only

Japan's history is richly interwoven with myth and legend - and modern Japan carefully guards its spiritual inheritance, ensuring it remains an integral part of today's culture and traditions. There is a peace and serenity in the spirituality which imbues shrines and monasteries in Japan, and the Japanese, with their warm hospitality, offer you a door into their world of Shintoism and Buddhism - a world quite separate from the politics of state and one which is intensely personal.

This tour will offer you the chance to see a side of Japan not commonly experienced, from meditation sessions in a mountain monastery to shiatsu treatments to relax mind and body. There will be a stay at a mountaintop monastery on Mount Koya and a session at a famed "onsen" (hot spring baths). Add to this several walks in stunning forests, visits to ancient Shinto and Zen shrines and, of course, the chance to visit Tokyo and the beautiful Kyoto - and you have an exceptional Japan experience.


    Fushimi Inari Shrine – a Shinto shrine in southern Kyoto
    Traditional Tea Ceremony
    Ginkakuji Zen temple – 15th century Zen temple
    Philosopher’s Path walk
    Arashiyama Bamboo Groves – famous tall bamboo forests
    Ryoanji Mitsui Garden – a Zen dry-landscape garden
    Special Zazen Meditation at Gesshin-In Temple
    Nishiki Market – local traditional market
    Nijo Castle & Kyoto Imperial Palace

  • ISE
    Miho Museum – founded 1997, it is an architectural masterpiece & a private collection of antiquities
    Ise Jingu Inner Shrine –Shinto’s most sacred site

    Nachi Taisha Shrine – a forest shrine of mixed Buddhist – Shinto origins.
    Seigantoji Temple – A UNESCO certified Shinto shrine
    Nachi no Taki Waterfall
    Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails – Part of an ancient pilgrimage path in the Kii mountains.

    Temple stay at Fudo-in Temple monastery with morning meditation

  • NARA
    Yoshimizu Shrine - a 7th century shrine surrounded by 30,000 cherry trees.
    Toadiji Temple – built in 752 it is the major Buddhist shrine of Japan
    Nara Park – home to almost 1200 deer.

    Water Temple (Shingonshu Honpukuji) – designed by architect Tadao Ando and built on a site Tantric Buddhist sacred from 815 it is a modern marvel in design.

    Ritsurin Koen Garden – one of Japan’s finest gardens, it boasts stunning pavilions, historic trees and stunning garden design.

    Oboke Gorge & Sightseeing Boat Cruise – stunning gorge cut by Yoshino River.

    Korakuen Gardens – built in 1687 this garden is rated one of Japan’s top 3
    Okayama Castle – built in 1597 but bombed in WW2 before being painstakingly rebuilt in 1966.

    Matsue Castle – completed in 1611, it is one of only a dozen or so original castles in Japan.
    Samurai district – traditional houses of Samurai class.
    Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine – oldest shrine in Japan, dating to the early 700s and home of the protector deity of Japan.
    Adachi Museum of Art – founded in 1980 by Adachi Zenko, this museum was built with a passion for art and gardens.

    Meiji Shrine – shrine built to the deified spirits of the Emperor Meiji and his
    Empress Shoken.
    Harajuku – famous shopping and cultural district of Tokyo.