Judy Tenzing

About Tenzing Journeys

Empassion, involve,educate,

Tenzing's Journeys is a specialist travel company which offers unique and themed tours to selected destinations. Our goal for every tour is to empassion, involve and educate each participant about the region in which they are travelling and the activities we offer in that area - be it cooking classes, writing seminars, artists' workshops or historical lectures and courses.

We sincerely believe that a true personal journey is not about ticking off destinations or activities but should be measured by the people you meet in that country and within your group, and the experiences you share.

Some of our tours are offered every year or two but many are special itineraries which may not be offered on a regular basis. We are travellers ourselves and want to keep the passion and enthusiasm alive.

We also work with two sister divisions: TREK DIDI which offers adventure tours specifically for women to a range of destinations across Asia, including Nepal, India, Bhutan and Laos and INTERNATIONAL STUDY TOURS which offers innovative, budget-priced tours throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor.

We, the operators of these three divisions, research, plan and lead all our own tours. In this way we maintain our high standards of service and safety as well as avail our guests of our many years of study, travel experience and local contacts and friends in the areas we visit.

We hope you are able to join us somewhere, sometime, so that our passion for what we do can be shared with you.