Jaipur Literature Festival Jan 2022.

After this madness is over I plan to return to the fabulous Jaipur Literature Festival in 2022. At this point I am deciding on the final itinerary - whether to extend to other parts of Rajasthan or go back to Kolkata. If you are interested in joining us at JLF 2022 and have ideas / preferences for where you'd like to go apart from Jaipur please email me on judy@judytenzing.com

In the meantime JLF has re-runs of talks given at past festivals on Jaipur Bytes


Jaipur Literature Festival Jan 2022

Writing Retreat with Sue Woolfe in Crete - April 2022.

Internationally acclaimed novelist, Sue Woolfe, invites you to beautiful Hania, in Crete, to release your creativity by a writer's secret way of meditating. The inspiration and transformation it brings is quite simply remarkable. We will offer both beginners' and master class teaching sessions – for our returning writers and for those new to this creative process. You will return home with renewed passion and skill and we continue the process with monthly support groups among writers which Sue attends from time to time

Writing Retreat with Sue Woolfe in Crete - April 2022

Mantles of Myth DECEMBER 2022.

INDIA – Mantles of Myth Tour - a very special tour for lovers of textiles and the arts. This tour will offer you a rich and diverse sample of these great traditions by visiting two regions – Bengal in the east and Gujarat in the west - where the textile and crafts heritage has flourished for generations.

Mantles of Myth DECEMBER 2022